Driving secure transport communications



Jonatan Hanson
Managing Director of Hogia Public Transport Systems

Swedish IT company Hogia can now help bus companies to improve the efficiency of communication between traffic management and bus drivers. Based on TErrestrial Trunked RAdio (TETRA) technology, Hogia can link up traffic management systems to national radio communication systems. This provides buses with a stable, user-friendly radio system and creates a safer, less stressful working environment for staff. Several transport companies in Sweden are now using this solution, with positive results. 

The Rakel network is Sweden's national communications system for secure communication between critical public services. Rakel’s features include the ability to create communication groups – for example, groups based on specific police units or ambulances within a particular geographical area.

Hogia can now offer bus companies the same functionality by adapting its traffic management system to Rakel. Traffic managers can create communication groups based on bus routes or departure times, without the need to track down call numbers for individual buses or drivers. By right-clicking in the graphical display, showing live ongoing services, traffic controllers can also call individual buses directly. Bus drivers can also use the same features in order to contact each other. 

Operators can connect a driver alarm on each bus. On activation, the system opens a direct communication channel with the traffic controller, providing both audio from within the vehicle and its current location. If necessary, the police can be contacted directly.

"We have successfully implemented this product for Swedish public transport companies, but as most national communications systems in Europe are based on TETRA technology, we can provide the solution across the continent," says Jonatan Hanson, Managing Director of Hogia Public Transport Systems.