Intermodal transport on the increase

Six days a week, train shuttles transport freight between the intermodal terminal in Vaggeryd and the Port of Gothenburg, Sweden. The trains are more than 2,100 ft. long with the capacity to transport 88 TEUs. Now the terminal wants to be able to handle even larger goods volumes, and has invested in a new terminal system from the Swedish IT-company Hogia. The new system makes it possible to digitalise and automate many of the goods transport processes, resulting in higher security and efficiency.

“We expect to see increased demand for intermodal transport where goods are transported on trains for long distances and then on trucks for short distances,” says Henning Berggren at PFG Terminal, the service that runs the Vaggeryd intermodal terminal. “Our ambition is to be one of northern Europe's leading logistics centres. To grow at the speed we want, we needed a new system that rationalises operations and frees resources that can instead be used to raise the terminal's goods transport capacity.”

Hogia's terminal system, Hogia Terminal, helps to rationalise most activities carried out in a terminal, such as loading and discharge of containers and trailers on trucks and trains. The position of the transports in the terminal area can be optimised to make handling easier and more efficient, and each individual transport can be tracked to guarantee a high level of security.
All truck drivers receive their work orders on computers in the trucks, and from there they can administer all the functions needed during the course of their work. Customers can view information about their goods transports and bookings online in real time, which also reduces administration.

Hogia Terminal is a standardised system based on open interfaces. This allows it to be integrated with other key systems in the terminal's operations, such as gate systems and the systems used by train operators. For instance, now truck drivers can operate the gate systems themselves, so the terminal no longer needs to have staff physically overseeing the gate function.

“The fact that our systems are standardised allows us to offer an operationally reliable, cost-effective solution that is relatively easy to adapt to customers' business,” explains Mathias Lindell at Hogia Terminal Systems, who is responsible for the commissioning of the system at the Vaggeryd terminal.

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The Vaggeryd intermodal terminal is the hub of the operations at Vaggeryd Logistic Center, and is run by PGF Terminal. Vaggeryd Logistic Center is a municipally backed industry initiative aimed at putting Vaggeryd Municipality on the map and increasing the degree to which cargoes are switched from road to rail transport. Vaggeryd Municipality has been named Sweden's fifth best logistics location in 2016. Read more on