One of the greatest challenges for the public transport industry today is to provide efficient operational management information, reducing operational costs  as well as correct and consistent travel information to passengers. Hogia Public Transport Systems AB provides Transport Authorities and Operators in Europe with comprehensive and innovative software solutions for standardized integration and management of public transportation. Our solutions enhance public transport attractiveness by significantly improving the quality of information to passengers and efficiency of operation, thereby minimizing the operational cost and maximizing the return on investment.

Our experience and competence place us in a position to provide professional help when choosing IT solutions that improve the internal and external communication, regardless if it relates to operation control, real-time information or service disruption and deviation management. PubTrans, our central platform with open  and standardized interfaces, forms the basis of the solution. It enables an efficient management of multiple collaborating systems and creates a value added comprehensive solution, thus ensuring
investment protection for the future. Hogia has in cooperation with the
largest public transport authorities in Scandinavia developed PubTrans,
TIMS and OCS to support their operations and their extremely
high demands on a reliable system for information
collection and distribution to passengers. Hogia can
also provide the applications as “cloud” services.  
Hogia Public Transport Systems has more than 25 years
of experience in the industry. The five largest
Scandinavian public transport authorities as well as
several regional and local authorities use Hogia
as their integration platform, resulting in more than
70 % of public transportation being run through our
systems. Hogia also participates in developing standard
interfaces such as SIRI, RTIG, NOPTIS, NeTEx,
Transmodel and TransXChange.


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