True data interoperability

When developing and maintaining an IT-system for public transport, the top priority is to be able to handle new requirements and future prospects with both flexibility and stability. Reliable and synchronised data is the foundation on which our IT-system is built upon, and we guarantee true data interoperability throughout your business.

Hogia offer an out-of-the-box Operational Information Service for large multi modal public transport networks, developed through a close and unique partnering between Hogia and several Transport Authorities. The purpose is to meet the demands of the industry; to provide a tool that encourage the public transport companies to design IT-systems with an open architecture, allowing them to buy the best of breed and to maintain sound investments.

The Operational Information Service is Transmodel based. All the services native interfaces (NoPTIS) are standardised and open, as well as most of the European standards are supported (e.g. NeTEX, SIRI, RTIG). We are convinced that an IT-system built on open standards is the most rational for all parties.