Hogia´s PubTrans User Conference in Stenungsund 3-4 May 2017 

We would like to thank all participants for making our User Conference a great success and we hope to see you all next year! Please save the date: 23-24 May 2018. 


Experiences implementing a new real-time system at Movia - Anette Heckscher Movia

From system to informationflow - Carina Trofast, Magnus Almkvist SL

Hogia Public Transport tech corner Bengt Carlsson Hogia

Hogia - Bert-Inge Hogsved

Information of things-Jonas Fröier, Skånetrafiken

Integration of travel planner at PubTrans interfaces DG Toril Karlsnes Viken, Rolf Einar Eriksen

Ongoing Standards NeTEx and Transmodel - Ulf Bjersing Hogia

OpenPT - Ulf Bjersing Hogia

Public Transport Värmland - Torbjörn Stake

PubTrans Monitoring Dashboard - Johan Jensen Hogia

Real time information for replacement traffic - Ulrik Danielsson, Johan Carlsson SL

Swedish Mobility Program - Lars Löfquist Samtrafiken

The Operational Information Service - Jonatan Hanson Hogia

APC is almost a standard - WS1

APC is almost a standard - WS2

How do we benefit from Rakel in an emergency and in daily application

How do we know we have the right scoop of data Exchange of ideas and thoughts about data quality

How to describe a deviation from plan, When shall we use a new version of the time table and when is a control action appropriate

How to move from information about travel disruptions to manage passengers

Looking deeper into NeTex_PTUserConference_workshop2017

What does interconnected transportation mean in a world of combined Mobility

What new mobility services do you see if we combine traffic data with other data

Workshop Rakel