The Transport industry is facing hard times where marginas are small and there is an ongoing battle to reach profitability. While the companies are passionate about their trade and offer excellent service, they often struggle with a heavy administrational burden. Hogia’s IT systems will assist your organization when moving
forward in a fast paced environment where you need to focus on your profitability and survival and do what you do best – transportation of goods – while we help make your business more efficient.

Hogia supply standardized IT systems to companies within
the Transport trade, mainly road and haulage carriers, especially
developed to suit the industry. We offer transport planning
systems and tools that help our customers optimize workflows,
organize business administration and control costs and resources.
Companies that work within the Hogia framework experience
the ability to handle an increased number of shipments
per administrational hour and employee, mainly due
to the improved overview that our IT solutions offer.

Hogia have more than 600 customers within the
Transport industry and we would be delighted to
give you a closer presentation of how our IT solutions
would benefit your organization.


For more information welcome to contact:

Lars Tingström 

+46(0)303 688 22