Hogia Group

The Hogia Group comprises 27 companies in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom with a total of 600 employees. With software as a common denominator, the Hogia Group currently operates in three business areas: finance and business systems, human resource systems and transport systems. To find out more, visit www.hogia.se 

The Hogia Group’s entire development and operation has always been and is completely self-financed. No external capital has ever been introduced (apart from the family´s original 5,000 SEK), and no shares in the company have ever changed owner. The owners have no intention of selling the company, listing it on the stock exchange or taking in external capital in the future.

The company has a very healthy balance sheet and no loans. The Hogia Group experienced its 25rd consecutive year of profit in 2015 and Hogia AB is rated AAA by Soliditet (Dun & Bradstreet’s Nordic partner). The Hogia Group’s annual turnover currently stands at € 60 million increasing at a rate of 5-10% every year.

In 1987 Hogia AB was appointed and has since been Purveyor to His Majesty the King of Sweden.

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