Data and API Management

We are passionate about mobility and strive to create innovative data- and API-solutions for our customers to simplify public transport for the masses.

Increase service levels with the help of IT solutions
To effortlessly plan and complete their journeys, travellers need relevant up-to-date travel information. At the same time, traffic controllers, operators, drivers etc need to efficiently receive and share available operational data. 

Hogia’s standard platform enables public transport authorities and operators to streamline IT systems. Enabling data sharing and connecting IT solutions creates opportunities that could dramatically increase your passenger service levels. 

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Service information displays on all buses in our network are updated from the cloud in real time, something which in the past could take a long time, as the systems on the individual buses had to be physically updated. All events for all the buses are logged in the central system, which creates new opportunities in following up on what happens in traffic to analyse and plan timetables.
Annette Heckscher, Head of IT at Movia