Passenger Information System

Reliable traveller information through all media channels, before, during and after each journey. 
Customer guidance at your fingertips 
Using public transport should be easy. Relevant and reliable information is the key.

Hogia helps you deliver real-time arrival and departure times, delay and other traffic disruption information, not only to dynamic displays at terminals, stops and onboard vehicles, but also online, via social media and via text messages. 

Boost customer confidence and increase passenger volumes
Giving your customers correct and timely information on events and alternative routes, via their chosen channel, helps them plan and complete their journey in the most efficient way. As a result, customers become confident in your ability to provide a smooth journey. 

Which in turn helps you achieve your goal of increasing public transport journeys. 

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Customers expect correct and timely information, ideally on-the-fly. Our ability to efficiently deliver the same information to travellers across all our channels; website, smartphone, text messages, screens at the stops and onboard buses, radio and other media, helps us achieve good customer service.
Marco Ottosson, Kalmar Regional Transport